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Team up with The Murder Mystery Company for a killer crime scene at your event! We can’t wait to fill your party with mystery, intrigue, and of course, murder. We want planning your event to be a stress free experience, so we’ve made it so easy to plan a party with us that you will feel like you are getting away with murder!

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How to Plan for Your Murder Mystery Party in Cincinnati

Our business is providing the top mystery entertainment in Cincinnati, but we can’t do that without your party! Our mystery experts are chomping at the bit to turn your party upside down with two hours of topsy turvey Clue style fun and murder mystery madness right at your private event! Our murder mystery parties in Cincinnati work for corporate events, fundraisers, team building days, charity events, and birthdays, so whatever you’ve got in mind, we’re up for the challenge!

Corporate events can seem like a punishment instead of a party, but they don’t have to be! The Murder Mystery Company has a great new way to get your corporate guests immersed in your private party, and not just for the free food! Our mystery experts involve everyone in solving a Clue style mystery where they are the suspects and sleuths, and get to have a blast figuring out whodunit. Not only do we make the event fun, but our on call Crime Scene Coordinators are focused on making the entire planning process easy from beginning to end. All you have to do is call to start planning a killer corporate murder mystery party in Cincinnati.

Planning a teambuilding event for your group is an exciting endeavor. It is an opportunity to strengthen morale, improve communication, and build trust between the individuals in your group. Make your team building day a success with a murder mystery party in Cincinnati. It only works if everyone is putting forth an effort, and wants to be involved. That’s where we come in! The Murder Mystery Company prides itself on creating the perfect team building exercise that brings coworkers, employers, and departments together in a friendly environment that will help your business prosper in the future!

We want to fill your fundraiser with enthusiastic guests having a great time, and help you bring home the win on meeting your fundraising goal! Sound like a dream come true? With The Murder Mystery Company that dream can become a reality so easily you’ll feel like you are getting away with murder. The key to any successful fundraiser is providing an event that people actually want to attend. That’s where we come in, with a murder mystery party in Cincinnati! Our mystery experts are invested in making sure your charity event or fundraiser is interactive, engaging, and rewarding for every charitable guest in attendance.

The Murder Mystery Company are the experts in birthday entertainment! We pride ourselves on making every birthday celebration unique to the birthday person in question. Whether they are super young or enjoying their twilight years, this is the perfect entertainment for everyone at the party! Birthday parties are our specialty, we even make sure the birthday person is highlighted throughout the show to make sure they feel extra special on their special day. We have a ton of killer themes to choose from, and each one can be customized specifically to the party. Start plotting your birthday murder mystery party in Cincinnati today!